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"Ever since I finished the clarity training I knew I wanted to be a project manager, Haiti. I've been working to reach my goal and 2 weeks ago I received an invitation via my schools newsletter to a networking event happening at the embassy of Haiti in Ottawa, Canada... People were so impressed by the fact that I had traveled 2 hours only for the event...that they came right up to talk to me, including the ambassador of Haiti. I practiced my elevator pitch and got many business cards. I also met a guy there and it turned out he is a big project manager in Ottawa...I ended up having my first coffee meeting!...Thank you Ash for everything!"

- Medjine Antoine-Bellamy, Montreal, Quebec

"After my sessions with Ashley I gained so much clarity; now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Ashley is very passionate about career coaching and this comes through with the results. I have a clear road map to where I want to go thanks to her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the same.”

- Leah Luong, Thousand Oaks
Find Your Career Purpose
Are you feeling lost and considering taking a job to just get your foot in the door? Are you wondering whether the career path you've chosen was right for you? 

During our lifetime, we will spend an average of 90,000 hours working. Even big paychecks do not justify being miserable in the workplace.

We have created The Career Clarity Lab for you to gain career clarity and identify your life purpose.
In this self-paced 6 video training course, you will discover how to:
  •  Module 1: Embrace Your Potential (52 minutes)
    Upgrade Your Mindset To See What's Truly Possible For You
  •  Module 2: Take Bigger Leaps In Your Next Career Move (49 minutes)
  •  Module 3: Experience True Fulfillment (48 minutes)
  •  Module 4: Unlock Your Foundational Identity (23 minutes)
    ...So You Can Pursue An Authentic Path That Inspires You 
  •  Module 5: Use LinkedIn for Clarity (27 minutes)
    Discover Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed (And You’d LOVE!)
  •  Module 6: How to Take Action & Move Forward (34 minutes)
    Learn How To Actually BE In Your Dream Career
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About Ashley

Ashley Stahl is the host of the You Turn Podcast, forthcoming author, and a career coach.  As founder of, she privately coaches her clients on how to find their purpose, land more job offers and launch their dream businesses. She's also the founder of, a house of ghostwriters, copywriters and publicists.

Her course methodologies in her flagship programs, the Job Offer Academy and the Career Clarity Lab, have helped more than 5,500 job seekers find their best career path and land job offers in 31 countries.

Her work has been featured in TEDx, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CBS, Mashable, SELF, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and much more.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I'm not a millennial. Is there a certain age range to taking this course?
This course is age and gender neutral, meaning our step-by-step system is designed to help you learn how to find your career purpose, regardless of your age. This program is effective both for seasoned professionals and people who are new to the workforce.
Q: Is my culture/country too different to use this methodology?
As my mentor always said, if you want to get better answers, ask better questions! This course asks the big, important questions relating to your life purpose, all of which are relevant regardless of your age or career standing. Ashley will help you pull inside of yourself, ask the deeper questions and strategically take note of the answers that will pull you forward in unlocking the best career path that's aligned with who you truly are.
Q: Do I need a college degree?
Life purpose doesn't require a college degree ✌️
Q: Will this help me make a career pivot?
Yes! The world makes way for people who know where they're going in the world, so much of our time together is focused on digging inwards to come up with answers on the best next career step. Once that becomes clear for you, we'll then focus on upgrading your mindset so that you have the confidence to actually take action and land that new job.
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Why are we offering the Career Clarity Lab at such a discount?
Because we're in the holiday spirit!! And the New Year is coming. We live in a world where everyone wants that "next" fix, and we know how important it is to slow down, and find the RIGHT fit. That's why we're inspired to support you in this course.
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