We've been lied to... 

We were told that if you "follow your passion," or "do what you love," the money (and fulfillment!) will follow.  
But it's not that simple... That's not how you actually find your purpose in the workforce.
My thoughts as a career expert…? 

- Don’t just follow your passion.
- Don’t just "do what you love"

Why? Because it is in harnessing who you truly are—your natural skillsets, interests and passions—that allows you to experience true alignment in your career. 

You see, there’s a difference between an interest, a passion, a natural talent, and a calling… And it’s key to understand what each one of those are for you.

After coaching more than 300 women one-on-one on how to find their purpose in the workforce, I was inspired to create the Career Clarity Lab.

It’s hard to read the label when you live inside the jar… That’s why I’m here: to ask you questions you can’t think to ask... And to help you find answers you didn’t know were there, living inside of you.
Discover The Most Aligned Career Path For You
Without Taking A Pay Cut!
I’ll never forget getting to college and being asked to pick a major. It felt heavy, as though in this quick, momentary decision, I was committing to a career path for myself.

“But I don’t know how I am… How will I know if this is the best path for me?” 

These are just some of the questions I asked my college career counselor, who apologetically shrugged at me with kind eyes – and unfortunately, had no answers.

So I did what most people do: I just picked a major for the sake of it... 

Was I interested in political science (my major)? Sure. But I didn’t know if I was meant for a career in it, really. 

As the years drew on, I held onto a plan for the sake of having one, because the only thing scarier than having a random career plan was not having one at all. 

So I got to go to cocktail parties, family gatherings and the like with a shiny answer to that dreaded question, “What do you want to do with your life?”
I’d smile and talk about how I wanted to work in counterterrorism one day, saving lives and making an impact in the world.

It sounded impressive, and people found me fascinating because of it… but on the inside, I wondered if I was meant for that career at all.Fast forward a few years and I went all in: I became bilingual in French, started taking intensive Arabic classes, and enrolled in a top 25 graduate program in the world for counterterrorism studies: King’s College London.
I’ll never forget a lecture I sat in for 3 hours about US foreign policy objectives in the Middle East. Afterwards, some students and I headed out for happy hour, and I couldn’t help but notice their passion to further discuss the topic, after class was over.

It was then that a little voice whispered inside of me, noticing something key:

They were passionate about foreign affairs. And I was just interested.

So what do you do when you’re simply interested in something? Do you turn that into a career? I didn’t know.

Realizing I may not be meant for that path, after putting years into a graduate degree and language classes felt overwhelming.

So I decided to go into denial and convince myself that this was my path.

Many moments popped up along my journey, where that little whisper would pipe in and remind me I was on the wrong path… But I was too scared to listen to it.
So I hid in graduate school and continued to hold onto my shiny plan, so I could feel a sense of footing in the world.

Just a couple of years later, I landed three job offers in Washington, DC, one of which was a management position, running a program for the Pentagon. I couldn’t believe I landed such an incredible opportunity. To be in my early 20s, making nearly 6 figures in a management role blew my mind…

So I eagerly accepted the job, only to hear that same old voice pipe up inside of me: you’re not meant for this path.

This was when I realized something really profound: who you are always wins.

What does this mean?

It means the truth of what you really love—and what you don’t—will always become apparent for you. You can’t hide from the truth... But you do get decide when to actually face it.

And I was ready to stop lying to myself.

It’s really like ripping off a Band-Aid — I could rip it off then and cry my tears, or I could delay it, and cry later.

And that’s why I finally decided to face the music. I took massive action to figure out who I was, so that I could then create a career that felt inspiring and fulfilling.

I hired a coach.
I went to therapy.
And… I started showing friends how to land job offers.

Why? Because despite not wanting to be in counterterrorism, I slayed my job hunt. And friends wondered how I made that happen.

After all, the best job opportunities don’t go to the most qualified candidate—they go to the best job seeker.

I didn’t know it then, but my skillset in job hunting would turn into a private coaching practice and a set of online courses on how to find your purpose and land job offers… I’ve since coached more than 300 women 1:1 and more than 6,000 customers in 31 countries via our online courses.

My work as a career coach has been featured in TEDx, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, SELF Magazine, The Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and so much more.

I’ll never forget how it felt to be so disconnected from my career.

It’s not about not liking where you are—it’s about the hopelessness of not knowing where to go next.

THAT is what inspired me to create my Career Clarity Lab methodology… To help you discover who you are—and how to wrap a career around that unique brilliance, for once and for all.

It would be my highest honor to support you!
What if, in just a few weeks, you were able to get clarity on the best career path for you?

What would it be like to feel inspired as you went to bed Sunday night-- 
because you were looking forward to your day on Monday?

How would you feel if you had an intentional vision for your career- one that felt right?

This is the entire point of the Career Clarity Lab!
Get paid what you're worth
Feel fulfilled by your work
Discover your true calling
Hear clients have to say about the methods in the Career Clarity Lab...
"Found my calling, and landed a new job within weeks of implementing Ashley's clarity methodologies"

Oakland, CA
"Thanks to Ashley, I figured out who I am and what I really want to do with my career. Because of her work, I quit my job, joined a graduate program I never thought I would, and truly found my calling! I am so grateful."

-Brenna Moore
Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you Ash for helping me finally unlock the best career path for me... I don't know how to put this gratitude into words-- you truly know what you're doing, and how to help someone truly see who they are and what the best career is for them... Just... Thank you."

-Shar Rauch
San Francisco, CA
"I figured out the MOST dreamy career path for me- such fit! After YEARS struggling, I wish I knew to just find this program and be on with it!"

-Kimberly Nanney-Pine
Longmont, CO
Unlock The Best Career ForYou
- Without Taking A Pay cut
If not now, when?

Module 1: Heal Your Career
    What energy do you bring to the table?

    In this module, we will hone in on you who you are, who inspires you, and how to use your core nature to find a career path most ideal for you. It is time to take a moment and reflect more deeply on what career paths align with your true essence.
    In this module, we’ll: 
    • Tap into use your intuition to guide your direction in the workforce.
    • ​Upgrade your money mindset that may be getting you stuck.
    • ​Learn how to access your potential and get rid of any negative thoughts. that may be holding you hostage.

    Module 2:  Access Your Purpose and Your Vision
      Where are you not making yourself fully available and open?
      In this module, you will efficiently uncover the mindset to fulfillment, and tap into your purpose and creativity to identify career options you likely didn’t know existed.

      We’ll take a look at:
      • What going against the grain really means for you in your career.
      • 4 key influences on your career: experiences, gifts, passions, and your calling. 
      • The 3 different mindsets in the workplace and identify which one you are.

      Module 3: Discover Your Core Nature
      Do you know what it feels like for people when you walk into a room? Together, we will dive into who you are, who inspires you, and how you impact people. In this module, you’ll reflect more deeply on your true nature, gifts and essence are— and I’ll show you career options you didn’t even know existed!

      In this module, we’ll also:
      • Explore the 4 employee archetypes in the workforce (and which one you are).
      • Examine your Core Nature as an indicator of your ideal career path.
      • ​Determine which of the 10 Core Motivators you lead with to choose a job that inspires you.

      Module 4: Unlock Your Core Skillset
        What’s obvious and easy for you, isn’t always so obvious or easy for others! In this video training, we will uncover the right job title and career options for you based on what you naturally do best. You will gain perspective on the difference between the job responsibilities you take on versus the industry you work in.
         In this module, you’ll also:
        • Identify the most optimal job responsibilities you’re meant to take on.
        • Reframe your mindset about what industry you need to work in. 
        • Evaluate the 10 Core Skill Sets in the workforce and determine which one you embody most.
        • ​Explore how your personality drives your career.

        Module 5:  Channel Your Core Interests Into Your Ideal Career
        Have you ever been confused on how to decide whether something’s meant to be a hobby-- or a full blown career?
        While you may have many interests and passions, not all are meant to become a career what do you do with them? During this video training, we will dive into how you can decide which interests are meant to be part of your career. Because your career isn’t just about what you love, but rather it’s about who you are, we will walk through how to properly pair your core skill set with your passions.
        In This Module ,You’ll:
        • Examine your passions and interests to identify what jobs are right for you.
        • Link your Core Skill Set with your Core Interests to hone in on an ideal career path.
        • Do a self audit to learn where you stand today in your career and life.

        Module 6: Carry Your Core Values Into Your Work
        Does your job support what you value most in life? One of the most powerful influences in your job and your life are your values, and chances are, if your job today is leaving you unfulfilled, a core value isn’t being honored. WHAT you do in your job, your title, or your responsibilities is vastly different than HOW you operate in your career. Your “HOW” is all about your values-- the non-negotiable principles you hold dear in your heart. In this module, we will discuss these two key influences on your career and how to navigate the blocks to your career fulfillment. This video training will help you define and understand your core values along with how to build them into your career choices. After all, you are more than your job title!

        Here’s what we’ll go through:
        • The 2 key Influences in your career.
        • How To define and understand your Core Values.
        • ​How to use your Core Values as a filter for careers and job titles that synch up with your wholeness.

        Module 7:  How To Use LinkedIn For Clarity In Your Career
        LinkedIn is a powerful tool not only for networking, but also for getting clarity on what paths make the most sense for your career. You’ll apply all your learnings from modules 1-6 into this training, where you’ll uncover exact job titles and positions that you are meant to be pursuing in the workforce. I will show you how to leverage LinkedIn so that you can uncover job niches that you never knew existed- ones that are right for you! 
        You’ll Learn:
        • How to use LinkedIn to find your own career path.
        • How to apply tips to navigate the networking platform for career clarity.
        • How to uncover niche job titles, industries, and companies that are a good fit for you.
        "Found my calling, tripled my salary and love waking up every morning for work! I still cannot believe it."

        Tiffany Tedesco
        San Francisco, CA
        "I found something so much deeper than  job-- myself! And now I have a career that aligns with who I truly am in the world."
        Rory Gory
        Los Angeles, CA
        “After one year of job hunting, I almost gave up-- until I found Ashley! I realized when I found her that the reason my job hunt wasn't working was because I wasn't clear on what the best path was for me... And within 4 weeks, I was able to discover the career options that made sense for me, commit to a path that felt aligned... AND transition into a new job with ease!"
        Kristi Siemsen
        Pittsburgh, PA
        “I don't know how to thank you, Ashley, for boosting my confidence to the sky and helping me figure out my truth. GRATEFUL for you! You gave me the gift of... me! Thank you."

        Anapaula Corral
        Miami, FL
        Here's What You Get When You 
        Join Us Today:
        •  Access to 7 video trainings (4+ hours of instruction), delivered immediately
        •  Downloadable workbook (accompanying every training)
        You spend 90,000 hours of your life at work… That’s more than two-thirds of your waking life on this planet. Your career is a vehicle for self-expression, and that’s why I’m so honored to help people find their purpose… It’s about finding out who you are, what your truest gifts are—and wrapping a career around THAT! With the Career Clarity Lab, people will learn how to get to the bottom of who they really are, and they’ll discover career paths they didn’t even know existed… Ones that truly sync up with their natural gifts, and their soul. This methodology allowed ME to go from stuck in a job that broke my heart to inspired and fulfilled.

        - Ashley Stahl, Creator of the Career Clarity Lab
        Today You Will Learn How To Get Clarity On Your Most Authentic Career Path,
        Feel Fulfilled With Your Work, And Get Paid What You’re Worth!

        Luck favors the bold! Don’t wait to take action—join me now! 
        We have a limited number of seats at this price point, and once we fill up, this offer will expire.   

        You deserve to love your career—
        it’s time to say goodbye to that Sunday night sickness, where you’re dreading Monday.
        Client Love

        "Ashley has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, and receive big results."

        Lawrese Brown
        New York, NY

        "Ashley’s program is the best program there is. I was able to go from being unemployed to negotiating a salary $14,000 more annually than I was making at my previous job in just 2 months of the program"

        “AMAZING! Ashley’s program is the best program there is. Her approach is innovative and challenges the typical job search techniques. Well worth the small financial and time investment! I was able to go from being unemployed to negotiating a salary $14,000 more annually than I was making at my previous job in just 2 months of the program.

        Before participating in Ashley’s course I was unemployed, depressed and feeling like my college degree was worthless. After completing her course and beginning my new job I feel confident, like I am being paid what I am worth and like I have an abundance of opportunities! If you follow her plan closely and utilize the online Facebook group, you WILL see results.

        Thank you Ashley for helping me turn my life around!”

        Candice N.
        Los Angeles, CA

        "Using the skills I learned from our sessions, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away."

        Caitlin C.
        Frankfurt, Germany

        "If you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people....If I could give her a rating higher than five stars, I would."

        “I came across her webinar via Facebook. By the end, I knew I had sign up. I went slowly through the modules and then I was laid off, so there was a huge motivating factor for me to embrace everything as much as I could and bring it to life in my job search. From the first day of my layoff until I signed a job offer, I had interviews on a weekly basis, except for one week I took a vacation. There were so many options. My friends kept asking me how I got that many interviews. I made it to several final round interviews and with two different organizations, I interviewed for one position but the interviewees found that they wanted me for even higher level positions. 

        The energy that Ashley brings is so powerful and she really does have a passion for my success (and everyone else). She says so many things that resonates with my belief system and I respond well to people who are truly genuine and nice.

        What I found to be a highlight, is the Facebook group. Imagine being in a group of hundreds of people cheering you on, who share stories that we can all learn from. If you thrive in very positive supportive respectful environments (it is not a space for bullies) then this is the best place for you and your career path. You are not alone and you will never feel stuck in your career ever again. 

        Ashley is a true inspiration and I hope that myself and others who have worked with her can convey she is worth the investment. Because if you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people. 

        Thank you so much, Ashley. If I could give you a rating higher than five stars, I would.”

        Shar Rauch
        Oakland, CA

        "I felt like typical confused millennial stuck in a chronic state of stressful underemployment. Ashley helped my turn me into a focused professional with joy and balance in my life."

        "The confidence I gained from working with Ashley is real and priceless. I hammered out plans for cold networking with anyone I wanted a phone call or meeting with by strategically using Linkedin and other networking tools. I also formed a beautiful answer to thequestion “So tell me about yourself?” and was supported by Ashley to powerfully negotiate my salary and employment package.

        Her sessions create meaningful change in your life by helping you raise your standards and identify opportunities to change the way that you think about your future. I no longer have skewed perception of money and the value of my work.

        She is an investment that you will absolutely make your return on.”

        Tiffany Tedesco
        Los Angeles, CA

        "The things schools doesn’t teach you are how to apply yourself, how to find what you’re good at, how to network, and how to get a job. They teach you knowledge, whereas Ashley teaches life lessons."

         “From her charismatic personality to her passion in helping young women, there’s nothing to not love about this incredible inspiration of a woman. She gave me more guidance than I’ve had in my years through college. My time with her has been life changing, and I now see my future with a path, a reachable goal."

        Kari Sandor
        Thousand Oaks, CA

        "You’re given highly effective tactics to help in your interview and salary negotiation process."

        “Through the modules, I made significant improvements to my LinkedIn profile and resume. You’re given highly effective tactics to help in your interview and salary negotiation process [...]. The entire program is meticulously organized, but above all, I felt that Ashley and her team really care about helping people find amazing jobs that they deserve. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

        Thank you for helping me in this journey! You really are the best. Keep up the great work!”

        Renzo Garcia
        Pasadena, CA

        "After my sessions with Ashley I gained so much clarity; now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation."

        “I only have great things to say about my experience with Ashley. Before we met [...] I was drowning my sorrows with pints of ice cream and watching Netflix all day because I didn’t know how tofigure out what I wanted. I was so focused on how to do what I was passionate about, but was confused on how that could translate into a career.

        Now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Ashley is very passionate about career coaching and this comes through with the results. I have a clear road map to where I want to go thanks to her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the same.”

        Leah Luong
        Thousand Oaks, CA

        "Really made a difference in my professional career! Helped me also to answer the difficult questions about career changes or strange periods in your resume."

        “Amazing professional coaching on how to get your dream job! Loved the salary negotiation tips! Really made a difference in my professional career! Helped me also to answer the difficult questions about career changes or strange periods in your resume. Boosted my confidence to the sky and that showed during the whole interview process. Thank you!!!!”*

        Anapaula C
        Brickell, Miama

        "Landed two job offers, tripled my salary, and feel better than ever!"

        Alexandra Makowka
        Orange County, CA

        "After our work, going out to DC no longer felt like such a risk. I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals."

         “After being abruptly evacuated from my Peace Corps service in Ukraine, I found myself feeling lost and suddenly out of a job. My life was flipped on its head almost over night. I felt unsure about what I wanted to do and what I had to offer as a “sort of” Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and recent college grad. For a few months, while living at home, I had considered going to find a job in DC (my background is in International Affairs), though after my evacuation from Ukraine I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take big risks.

        Then I found Ashley.

        Next, I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals. Although there were no guarantees, I went out to DC and employed Ashley's ideas.

        Remembering her words of wisdom I networked like crazy and made real, mutually-beneficial connections with people. One of the connections ultimately resulted in a job; today, I’m working for a government contractor as a content manager. Ashley is quick to deflect any responsibility for my achievements, though I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for this amazing individual I would not be where I am today.

        I learned how to better communicate with others, leverage my past experiences, and network effectively.”

        Adam Azoff
        Washington, DC

        "Ashley will give you the tools to strengthen your network and get where you need to go."

        Sandra B.
        Los Angeles, CA

        "After working with Ashley, I got clarity on my purpose, landed multiple job offers, and negotiate to get paid what I'm worth!"

        “I first started working with Ashley back in September 2013 when I was feeling lost and very unhappy in my job. My whole life I thought I would work in fashion, but I was unsatisfied with every job I took in the industry. This presented a problem because I had no idea what else I could do with my career. After working with Ashley, I got clarity on my purpose, landed multiple job offers, and negotiate to get paid what I'm worth!

        Brenna Moore
        Westlake Village, CA
        “As I started the program I started to see some valuable content there. It talks about real world problems and how to resolve them. The program helps you set your goals and guides you to achieve them. Here is what I have to say after taking the program:

        1. Customer service is exceptional.

        2. If you devote time and really work on the methodology that this program proposes, it is impossible for somebody to not be successful. It very subtly opens your eyes to how the world works.

        3. Patience is important, if you expect that you will join the program and you will get the results immediately, then this is not the program for you. Everybody’s situation is unique and some people get results faster than others.

        4. There is also a Facebook group which connects different people in the program and even if you are just a reader, you will learn a lot from people’s experience.

        If you are really-really serious about your career and want to progress, then I would recommend trying this program. If you feel it’s not for you, then you can always unsubscribe.”

        Mishy M
        Raleigh, NC
         I'm not a millennial... Should I still take this course, or is there a certain age range?
        This course is age and gender neutral, meaning our step-by-step system is designed to help you discover your most ideal career path, regardless of your age or what chapter you're in of your career. It's also a strategic program to help you effectively upgrade your confidence with coaching tools you can take with you for life. 

        This program is effective both for seasoned professionals and people who are new to the workforce.
        Will this work for me?... Or does this course work for a certain TYPE of person?
        We've helped people in all industries through this program-- medical professionals, fashion stylists, financial analysts, intelligence managers, admin assistants... ALL of it! 

        This course shows you how to explore new career options and get into touch with your core skillsets-- the exercises provided in the video trainings help you find these answers. It doesn't matter what industry you're in right now.
        I don't want a new job for another few months-- should I do this later?
        The world makes way for people who know where they're going in life! By using this course to determine the most ideal career paths for you, you're able to make better decisions in your current role (or in you're job hunt if you're searching now) to prime yourself for your next move!

        This also will shift how you write your resume, given that your clarity will change the way you communicate about your career.
        I want to connect to a community! Is there any one on one time with Ashley?
        This is a self-study course, so there is no 1:1 time with Ashley throughout the experience! This clarity methodology presents her best material and content.
        What if I don't like this course? 
        No problem! Email with all of your completed homework within 7 days of signing up, and we'll issue you a full refund. All the homework required for that is listed in the membership site.
        Should I work with Ashley privately, or would the course be right for me?
        This course is best for you-- and most affordable!-- if your primary goal is to hone in on the best career path for you. It works especially well if you have a few potential ideas on ideal career paths for you. However, if you're drawing a total blank, private coaching could be a better fit for you...  Her genius in private coaching is in helping people figure out who they are and what sort of career path to pursue, upgrade their confidence and mindset, come up with a clear vision for their career path and life. 

        We recommend you take this course, and if you're still wanting private coaching, to apply for a free consult here Ashley would be happy to reduce her fee by the cost of this course and put it towards private coaching at that point.
        Is my culture/country too different to use this methodology?
        No! Networking is a powerful tool to land a new job-- or any opportunities in life-- and we want to show you how! This course will help you hone your people skills and conversation skills, and use them in a way that turns into career opportunities. This is powerful regardless of your country or location. We've had thousands of customers in more than 31 countries use Ashley's methodology.
        Do I need a college degree?
        Will this help me make a career pivot?
        Of course! Part of you unlocking the best career path for you is in learning how to come up with a vision that's inspired and intentional-- so you can take action on it!
        Do I really have access to this course for LIFE?
        No! You have access for 1 year from the date of your purchase. Right after purchasing the course, you'll get an email with your membership ID and password... From there, you'll access all of the modules in the membership area, at once.
        Is this course the same as the BossBabe Career Fit Formula course that Ashley did?
        Yes and no! The Career Clarity Lab has about 60% of the content you'll find in the Career Fit Formula with BossBabe, and that's why the price point is lower! This makes CCL a great starter course when finding clarity on your best career fit, while the BossBabe course Ashley created is an even deeper dive into the topic.
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